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Infostream offers a range of training courses designed to enable customers and distributors to make the best use of Infostream products, and to maintain their proficiency in these products over time.


Viper Training

Infostream offers a complete set of accredited training courses designed for operators, users and administrators of Viper Systems.

Viper Advanced Configuration Course

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This is a  three day course designed to train skilled operators in configuring a fully clustered VIPER installation, together with hot standby configuration and processes. The course also covers one day in the configuration of selected advance plug-in modules.

Viper Installation Course

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This is a two day intensive course designed to train operational and service staff in the installation and configuration of a VIPER instance.

Viper Terminal Operation and Fault Resolution

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This is a course designed to enable operational staff to operate a Viper control terminal, and to manage the daily operation of a Viper installation, including basic fault finding and system restoration.

Topics include:

  • User management - set up, remove and administer users and user privileges
  • Message services
  • Paging services
  • Message reporting - analyze message queues and flows, set-up reports and reporting structures
  • Paging System Monitor (operation)
  • System administration

Viper Base Station Operation and Basic Fault Finding

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This is a one day course designed for operational staff who have to maintain, operate and troubleshoot Base Stations.

  • Paging technology overview
  • Base station overview
  • Base station layout
  • Installation
  • Basic trouble shooting
  • Software upgrades
  • VIPER operation