This section has a set of frequently asked questions about paging networks in general.

What are the general benefits and advantages of paging?

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Benefits of Paging

Paging networks offer distinct advantages over other forms of communication networks. In summary these are:

  • Paging networks can be made very reliable, and resilient to failure of individual transmitters
  • Paging networks can be designed to provide very wide coverage at reasonable cost, and so are preferred for wide area or whole country networks
  • Rapid delivery of messages to very large user populations can be effected by the broadcast nature of paging networks
  • Dedicated networks can be designed which avoid the congestion experienced in commercial or public networks
  • Small and discrete pagers can be used by personnel as an emergency callout device without interfering in the day to day work of the user
  • Low power transmissions are possible due to the high sensitivity of paging devices, enabling them to be used in hazardous environments, such as hospitals, mines, oil refineries and similar locations.
  • Long battery life is possible, due to the low power requirements of the receiver, enabling pagers to be deployed during emergencies, or used over long periods
These points are elaborated in the web site of the European Mobile Messaging Association, Emma