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Infostream aims to provide comprehensive and timely support to its customers and distributors. To assist you in getting the most out of our products, this section provides a range of resources to you, and is also a jumping off point into other systems and services (such as the on-line web programming interface). Some of these resources are only accessible to registered users or registered customers.

Frequently Asked Questions is an area where we seek to provide quick answers to common questions or issues. If you need a rapid answer, try this section first. If you think an item should be added to this section, please let us know.

The Forum is an area where users can exchange ideas and solutions, raise questions and seek answers from both ourselves and from the user community.

The Resources area is a place where you can get structured, in depth advice and information - go here to obtain User Manuals, White Papers, Installation Guides and similar resources.

The Training area shows you the accreditation and training courses provided by Infostream, to assist customers in the operation and maintenance of our systems.

The Programming area is a jump-off point to enable you to log on to the web based programming environment, where you can programme and configure pagers that you own.