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Infostream supplies alerting and dispatch systems for a wide variety of application areas, ranging from whole country dedicated networks with tens of thousands of users, down to small in-building or on-site systems involving tens to hundreds of users.

The solutions have three things in common, despite their different sizes:

  1. To suit the nature of the task, there are specific and exact requirements on the devices that dictate an "exact fit for task" device rather than the use of general purpose communication devices - these exact requirements are a combination of small and large things, such as their low power, long battery life, usage in extreme conditions and very high sensitivity.
  2. It is imperative that there is complete coverage over the specified area - for emergency or life and death situations, almost good coverage is inappropriate. For this reason the solutions almost always use dedicated networks.
  3. The reliability of the solution, even under extreme demand or in extreme circumstances, must be very high - the solutions dictate that these systems are designed for the "worst case" rather than average circumstances. They must work when all other systems fail.

This can be summed up in the simple phrase solutions that alert, inform and respond to crucial people during critical times.