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Infostream Professional Services provides consulting and outsourcing services for the design and construction of electronic devices and equipment, especially in the area of exact purpose communication devices and network components. These services include a full OEM outsourcing service, whereby Infostream manufacturers either its own product designs rebranded and customized to requirements, or alternatively manufactures designs created specifically for a customer under a design and construct contract.

Infostream helps companies realize their product ideas - from concept through to full off-shore volume manufacturing. Infostream offers it’s clients a complete concept, design, implementation and manufacturing solution – based on over twenty years experience in the wireless, embedded and enterprise application space. What makes Infostream’s services  unique and valuable to its clients is the broad range of expertise and experience that is brought to bear on the problem, combined with specialist deep technology skills in specific areas.

Infostream works with key strategic partners and our own specialist engineering and design teams to deliver you award winning industrial, electronic, system, web, graphic and database designs.  If you require short, incisive specialist expertise to complement your own teams, especially in wireless or embedded software design, then Infostream also provides professional advisory or contract services to assist you meet your own goals and objectives.

Our collective experience of many man-years of dealing with complex and unique wireless system integration problems, means that we can overcome the challenges of integrating small, lightweight embedded software wireless devices with your full scale industrial or commercial back-end systems. Our experience in manufacturing state-of-the-art electronic devices means we can also assist you to facilitate the complex transition from small local manufacturing to off-shore mass production, including both the commercial and the technical challenges of making that transition.

Our passion for excellence, quality and innovation extends to our relationship with our partners, and together we can deliver complex projects or complex products to your exacting requirements. 

Areas of Expertise

The following are some of the areas of design and manufacturing expertise that Infostream can provide:

  1. Digital electronic design
  2. High performance embedded software
  3. Graphical user interfaces
  4. Enterprise scale high availability web application design
  5. Extremely low power design
  6. High sensitivity receivers
  7. Long range and short range wireless links
  8. Linux, Apache, Postgres, MySQL, DB2, Java, Python, C, C++ iPhone, Android, Symbian
  9. GSM/GPRS and 3G data communications
  10. Real-time communications protocols 
  11. Self-healing protocols
  12. Encryption and compression protocols
  13. Narrow band and wide band (spread spectrum) wireless systems
  14. Overseas manufacturing processes in Malaysia, HK and China.

Example Projects


British telecom – Infostream delivered a complete wireless infrastructure monitoring system as part of the BT microwave wireless backbone for the NSW government. This project involved the design and manufacture of custom remote alarm and control monitor modules that were integrated with the microwave wireless systems. Using wireless and wired data connectivity, these modules communicated with an Infostream central control system to provide real-time monitoring and control from two Network Operations Centres (NOCs).


Infostream developed a custom ATEX rated pager and wireless protocol for use by harbour pilots to deliver real-time telemetry of environmental conditions and data collected from harbour-side mooring systems, which is displayed through a series of easy to navigate screens which provide reat-time data in a graphical form.


As part of the communications infrastructure at the Prospect water filtration plant, Infostream developed a wireless communication system to give plant technicians real-time telemetry gathered by the facilities sensors and alarms. Infostream developed not only the wireless devices but also the integration systems and infrastructure that interfaced to the plant’s PLCs and computer systems.


Complex stage productions involve many channels of sound being mixed from dozens of microphones worn by performers and located on-stage, all being mixed by a sound mixer located within the auditorium. Infostream’s challenge was to provide a system for the sound mixer to communicate silently and quickly with his back-stage helpers to bring this all together during a live performance. Our solution was to develop a custom front and back-stage communications panel that was integrated into the mixing desk to allow bi-directional communications between all parties. The solution combined custom control hardware, electronics, software and wireless devices.


Infostream created the Marketsource wireless financial data system – a complete wireless delivery system for real-time financial markets data. This system comprises the entire delivery chain from original data providers such as Reuters and the ASX, through to integration with the communications carriers to the end customer devices and the complete billing and exchange compliance reporting systems. Marketsource uses this system to provide thousands of financial market participants with real time data worth millions of dollars a day from dozens of data sources through dedicated pager devices, iPhones and GSM/GPRS devices. The infrastructure is controlled and operated though a sophisticated web-based application providing real-time control and monitoring of individual customer devices and datafeeds. The infrastructure is located across dozens of data centres and monitoring sites.