The X5-s is a highly sensitive pager, at all baud rates. It is rated at 3.3μV/m at 512 baud and 5 μV/m at 1200 baud.


The X5-s comes with an inductive rechargeable battery - just pop the unit on the charger receptacle and it recharges or tops up the charge. Environmentally sound by eliminating batteries in land fill, and provides up to ten days usage on a single charge..


The X5-s is built tough - it is made of almost indestructible Zytel™. It can withstand a drop onto concrete of up to 2 metres. It has side grips to ensure that it doesn't slip out of your hands, even when wearing gloves.

Over the Air Programming

The X5-s can be programmed over the air, configuring profiules, capcodes and many other features.

Splash Proof

The X5-s is dust proof and splash proof and is rated as IP64 on the Ingress Scale.


The X5-s comes with an option for securing your network messages with industry standard
encryption and key exchange - protecting private messages from prying eyes


The X5-s provides unrivalled flexibility by delivering 128 capcodes in POCSAG or 32 in FLEX, and enabling these to be programmed over the air.


The X5-s supports frequency and baud rate switching between alternative industry standard protocols of POCSAG and FLEX.


To accurately alert and inform users, the  X5-s has a large, very bright high resolution screen that can display over 300 characters, coloured icons and alerts, images and maps.


The X5-s is rigorously tested, and is made of  the highest quality componentry.