X5-i Overview


Intrinsically Safe. Rugged. Loud. Sensitive. Waterproof. Flexible. Durable.

The X5-i is a pager specifically designed for emergency services personnel who must be able to use their pager at all times, even under extreme conditions or in hazardous environments. The pager is rated as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous zones (Zones 1 & 2) and in the presence of dangerous gases (Class IIC). It is also very tough - it can be dropped, immersed in water, subject to water sprays or immersed in dust. The X5-i has a bright screen that can be seen through smoke and dust, a loud alert that can be heard amidst chaos, and simple pronounced buttons for ease of use, even with gloved hands. The X5-i is an exact solution to the demands of safety  services personnel for a compact, intrinsically safe, resilient and flexible pager that can deliver informative, crystal clear information to crucial personel.

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