The purpose of the SignScribe package is to provide a transparent method of sending messages or data to signs (or any other remote data application) regardless of the type of data and  the communication technology.  The Sign can be connected using either a paging network or an Internet connection.

On receipt of the message, the SignScribe re-constitutes the original message and forwards it to the sign for display. This makes the entire process of message generation and dispatch appear transparent to the sign. The SignScribe system even handles the transmission of message longer than that allowed on the paging network by breaking messages up into permissible message lengths and then re-assembling them at the sign.

The SignScribe determines the snapshot interval for displaying streaming data, and includes a variety of display options.



The SignScribe package was designed to be highly versatile across different makes and models of signs and configurations of sign software and communication networks. Infostream has proved that SignScribe will work with many different types of signs and sign messaging programs including Colourbright, AMS, Translux, Computronics, Textlight and Textron brands.

Applications for SignScribe include:

  • Advertising and information signs in buses and trains
  • Outdoor advertising signs
  • Motorway traffic control systems
  • Financial information rate boards.

Software can be also written and uploaded into the Scribe that produces a relay activating voltage on a pin on the Scribe parallel socket when a message is received. Such a message could be used to activate an external action or effect.