Infostream P5 is GSM/GPRS communication tool, which combines the simplicity, low cost, size and familiarity of a pager-like device with the roaming, two way and data capabilities of a smartphone. The P5 does all the things a pager will do – display messages directed to a user or group of users, trigger alerts depending on the message contents and status, and provides loud and urgent alerting signals for critical first response personnel. It can utilize SMS and GPRS capabilities to activate personnel anywhere within a mobile network's coverage zone (including international roaming). Alerts can be acknowledged when they are received, when they are read and can also be manually responded to or confirmed by the field staff.

But unlike other GSM based alert systems, the P5 can do much more.

  1. Using Infostream patented wireless information delivery technology, the P5 delivers data almost instantly and yet is very air-time efficient. Cost effective low data rate plans can be used to provide highly interactive mobile date, for email, mapping, weather and sophisticated applications.
  2. The P5 operates effectively even on low grade GPRS channels, and is designed to deal with the poor quality signals and transmission issues that can occur in emergencies.

The P5 can be integrated into your emergency call out, industrial control and monitoring systems. When combined with a VIPER Paging Terminal, the P5 provides guaranteed message delivery, message confirmation, response action confirmation, status advice and other two way communication capabilities.