The G3 is an intelligent pager purpose built for receiving and displaying financial markets information. It is supported with a sophisticated data management system that collects, compresses and forwards data to the paging carrier for transmission to the G3.

The G3 displays up to 10 lines per page and can be switched between three font sizes. On receiving new data the instrument flashes bold for a second, and includes an alert feature which will wake up the pager when data has been received. Arrows can be displayed to show upward or downward movement. Over 5000 financial instruments can be received and stored in the G3's memory. Individualised watch lists can be created and given unique names and users have the ability to copy and paste their choice of rate to be displayed in any order they choose.

The G3 supports up to 32 categories of news - including headlines and stories. The keyword filtering will alert the user to news stories of importance to them. A limit-minding feature allows numerical limits to be set for financial data. When a rate is received that passes the set limit, the pager emits an audible or vibrating alarm and displays the rate on the pager screen,  prompting user action. A total of 32 technical analysis charts are provided on the G3 and the user chooses what rates to chart and what type of chart they would like to view.


The G3 is a key part of the MarketSource financial information distribution system, which is supplied under license to MarketSource by Infostream.