Scalable and Flexible

 The Viper Local solution can be scaled  to support thousands of devices.  The system is very flexible, and supports industry standard paging protocols, varying baud rates and a diverse range of interfaces and connections.

Network and System Monitoring

The Viper Local PagingTerminal has a network monitoring function, that receives message confirmation signal reports from each base station transmitter, and monitors these reports for quality of service and for  confirmation failures.
In addition, the Terminal is fully alarmed with an integrated  alert monitoring system, including upstream SNMP escalation to other monitors.

Multi-input streams

The Viper Local system can accept messages from a remote or local entry terminals, and from a wide range of input streams, include CAD systems, PABX systems, nurse call systems, building management systems and product control systems. 


The Viper Local system has a large set of interfaces pre-configured into the architecture, including IVR, PABX, HTTP, TAP, SMS Gateway, E-Mail gateway and TNPP.

Group paging

 The Viper Local system incorporates group paging functionality, whereby a set of pagers can be notified with the same message via a single control.  Groups can be formed rapidly, to allow for complete flexible control over the dispatch of teams.

Over the Air Programming

When connected to Infostream pagers, VIPER provides OTA management of configuration and software versions, removing the need for costly return to base maintenance.

Priority paging

 The Viper system incorporates flexible priority schemes, where priority messages can be sent ahead of lower priority messages (on a "next out" basis) and the system is designed to manage multiple message queues with different priority rules. 


The Viper Local solution can be configured as a fault tolerant clusters to ensure continuous operation.

Audit and reporting

 Viper Local systems have full audit trails of all messages, recording the message, its time and control data, and any confirmatory data regarding message transmission.  In mission critical systems that are often regulated with strict KPI performance measures, VIPER provides comprehensive reporting functions on this historical data. 

Web Based Interface

The Viper solution is delivered over a core IP network, and the operator interface is via a web-based browser, enabling easy connection of new or geographically dispersed operators onto the system.