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Viper Local Overview


Reliable. Complete flexibility. Scalable

Viper Local provides a high reliability infrastructure for the management of message streams in a specific site paging network.  The solution is designed to provide 99.9% availability and can be configured for different levels of performance and reliability. It has the following features:

  1. Key physical components have redundant complements
  2. Optional clustering, with automatic fail-over
  3. High quality components selected for integrity and long MTBF
  4. Integrated NMS for itself and the network of base stations
  5. Supports up to 5,000 devices
  6. Full alarm reporting and SNMP integration
  7. Complete role based permissioning and comprehensive audit & reporting

Viper Local provides a system that receives a message stream, configures and manages the message stream, and delivers the message stream through connections to a set of simulcast base stations.  As part of that process VIPER manages devices, capcodes, groups and priorities within the stream and provides a real time interface to the operation of the paging network. 

Optional modules and interconnects available with VIPER include:

  • IPBX IVR integration plug-in with support for up to 10 simultaneous calls
  • Encryption plug-in
  • Two Way Messaging plug-in
  • SMS/Outlook plug-in