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Viper Enterprise Overview


Reliable. Five Nines. Hot Standby. Complete flexibility.

Viper Enterprise provides a mission critical Paging Terminal infrastructure for the management of message streams in a wide area simulcast paging network. The Paging Terminal lies at the heart of modern paging systems, and effectively serves as a switch that receives pager message inputs from a diverse variety of streams, encodes the messages into over-the-air signals, and then transmits the message over a wireless frequency network to a group of pager devices.  In addition to this fundamental switching functionality, a Paging Terminal also provides comprehensive management, control and audit functionality.

The Viper Enterprise solution is designed to provide 99.999% availability in a large scale mission critical system:

  1. Every physical component has a hot redundant complement
  2. Every soft component is clustered, with automatic fail-over
  3. All components are selected for their quality, long MTBF, and resilience
  4. Key components are checked for integrity, with corrective action in case of detected errors
  5. The complete installation is configured with a remote hot standby that can be switched across within 30 minutes
  6. Integrated NMS for itself and the network of base stations
  7. Supports up to 100,000 devices
  8. Full alarm reporting and SNMP integration
  9. Complete role based permissioning and comprehensive audit & reporting

Optional modules and interconnects available with VIPER include:

  • IPBX IVR integration plug-in with support for up to 100 simultaneous calls
  • Encryption plug-in
  • Two Way Messaging plug-in
  • SMS/Outlook plug-in