Cypher Paging Encoder
Paging ProtocolsPOCSAG 512, 1200, 2400, Flex
InputsRS232, 10/100 base-T Ethernet
Input ProtocolsTNPP (via RS232 or TCP/IP), SQL
Output FormatSerial RS232, IP
Power9-30 VDC (110-240 VAC with external adaptor) < 15W
ConfigurationBrowser based
Paging ZonesUp to 32
Base Station Controller
Dimensions2U 19" Rack, 340 mm deep
InputsRS232, 10/100 base-T Ethernet
Outputs to CTCPower, Data, 1 PPS (optional)
Power-48/12 VDC, 20W
Maximum Channels4
Operating Temperature-10° to 60° C
ConfigurationBrowser based or remote (via encoder)
Integrated GPS Option
Antenna ConnectorMCX socket, Optional SMA
Socket Power5V for active antenna (100 mA, with short circuit protection)
10 MHz Referencesinewave, AC coupled, 13 dBm into 50Ω; 1V RMS, BNC connector
Stability (Allan deviation) Typical1s: < 1x10-12, 10s: < 3x10-12, 1 day: < 5x10-14
Cypher Transmitter Controller
Dimensions1U 19" Rack, 25 mm deep
Data/Timing Input1PPS BNC (TTL level), RS232 RJ45
OutputTTL level PTT and Data
Power5VDC, 100 mA
LED IndicatorsCPU, PTT, Data, Sync
Operating Temperature-10° to 60° C
Simulcast Offset Adjustment0..65 ms, 1 us steps