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Base Station Overview


Cypher Paging Encoder and Base Station

Infostream’s Cypher Paging Encoder and Base Station system has been engineered to meet paging system infrastructure requirements ranging from low cost, low-power single site (hospital, factory etc) paging systems to high availability multi-site (regional, state or national) systems.

The elegant, modular and flexible structure of the Cypher system allows you to integrate your own paging terminal, transmitters and distribution network technology into the solution - or  Infostream can supply a complete solution as an integrated package.

The Cypher base station comprises two core modules – the intelligent base station controller (with optional integrated GPS module) and the Cypher transmitter interface. Each module is supplied with a 19” rack form factor for easy integration with a range of rack mounted transmitter configurations from 1 to 300 Watts, depending on your requirements. The Cypher solution occupies only 3 19” standard rack units. With the integrated GPS option, the Cypher system forms a wide area, multi-protocol simulcast system of up to 1024 base stations in a single encoder region. Up to 4 encoder channels can be integrated per Base Station Controller. An optional Over-The-Air (OTA) monitor module provides full end-to-end message confirmation. The monitor module can be installed at the base station or combined with a base station controller module to create a stand alone remote network monitor station.



Base Station Architecture

The Cypher Encoder is available with 1 to 4 channels, with 2 RS232 TNPP inputs, or IP interface. Key features include:

  • Suitable and cost effective for 1 to 1024 sites
  • Sequential or simulcast paging
  • 19" rack mount 3U
  • IP, RF or wired distribution network
  • TNPP compatible
  • Serial or IP interfaces
  • Full Infostream VIPER system integration
  • Integrated GPS receiver for simulcast systems – no external GPS is required.
  • Simple interface to a wide range of transmitter options
  • AC mains or 12/48VDC power options