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Plastic Holster

The X5 Plastic Holster is an exceptionally strong, high impact holster that is designed to hold the X5 series pager. It has protective curved edges to stop the pager being damaged whilst being worn, and includes openings to ensure that the alert signals are heard or seen.

The Holster enables a person to:

  1. Easily read the pager display by tilting the holster
  2. Rapidly remove and insert the pager into the holser
  3. Auto on-off of the pager on removal and insert


Leather Holster


The X5 Leather Holster is a genuine, high quality leather holster for the X5 series pagers.

It is designed to fit onto wide belts, and has a magnetic latch that enables easy retrieval and storage.

The holster is designed to ensure that alerts can be easily heard or seen, and has an auto-on off trigger when a pager is stored or retrieved from the holster.