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The section below highlights some of Infostream's direct customers, together with a brief synopsis of the project and the products involved in the project.
TransTel Engineering is a telecommunication system engineering and integration company providing turnkey projects and solutions for oil & gas , petrochemicals and energy industries. Infostream partners with Transtel for the delivery of paging systems, especially to petrochemical installations.

Infostream supplies G3 pagers and a complete data streaming, device provisioning and billing system to Market Source for the provision of real time financial data to financial traders in Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia.
e*Message is one of the leading pager suppliers in Europe. Its subsidiaries in Germany and France operate nationwide networks and cover both commercial alerting and emergency services alerting systems.  Infostream is a supplier of X5 pagers to the e*message network.

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Infostream is the major technology supplier to the Victorian EAS System, through the prime contractor, Leightons.  Infostream provides a Viper Enterprise system to the EAS, together with over 40,000 pagers, encoders and base stations.

The EAS is a dedicated messaging system which enables the Country Fire Authority (CFA), State Emergency Service (SES) and Ambulance Victoria (AV) regional emergency services staff and volunteers to be simultaneously alerted to incidents and provided with text messages by means of pocket pagers.



Generic in Sweden provide a broad set of paging services for both emergency services and commercial use.


Infostream supplies Viper systems and base stations to Saudi Aramco, in partnership with SpaceTop, for a system primarily used in the alert and dispatch of medical personnel within Saudi Aramco.