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Infostream announces the release of the Software Development Kit for the X5.
Using the SDK, developers can create new and unique functionality for the X5 colour screen pager, supplementing the existing features of the X5, or replacing them entirely.
Developers can create an entirely customer application for the X5, with custom menus, displays and behaviours. Alternatively, if the developer wishes to retain the existing X5 functionality, they can create up to two plug-in applications which appear on the main menu, alongside the existing menu items.
Like many standard X5 features, the custom applications can be programmed and controlled via the standard programming software used to configure the X5.
The SDK ships complete with several working code examples enabling developers to quickly experiment with the SDK. The SDK is also available on three platforms: Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. Each development environment ships with a fully featured X5 simulator, taking much of pain out of developing software for embedded devices.
The X5 SDK is a revolutionary development in one-way wireless messaging. To become part of the X5 SDK program, please contact Infostream.