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Management Team



Paul Schlusser, Executive Chairman and CTO

Paul Schlusser is the Executive  Chairman and CTO of Infostream. Paul founded Infostream and since 1994 he had been the CTO and Research Director for the complete period. He holds several patents and design awards,and prior to Infostream he was the R&D Manager for Fairlight Instruments.



Malcolm Hall, Wireless Design Manager

Malcolm is the Wireless Design Manager at Infostream and oversees all hardware development.



Gerard Weidland, Senior Software Engineer

Gerard is the Senior Software Engineer at Infostream and oversees all software development.



Chelsea Reid, Marketing Manager

Chelsea has over 10 years experience in marketing including event development, publishing, design, market research, organisational marketing strategy, budget and production management. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Communications (Advertising) from Monash University, an Advanced Diploma in Business Marketing, a Certificate IV in Graphic Design and a Graduate Certificate in Journalism from UTS.