What are the key differences between the X3 and the X5 Pager


The X5 is a next generation pager utilizing several advances in electronic design. The key differences are shown in the table below.

            Feature                                           X3 Pager                                 X5 Pager                                    
Screen Display Black and white (128x64) Full colour high resolution (220x176)
Receiver Sensitivity At least twice as sensitive
Capcodes 12 standard 128 standard (POCSAG)
Protective Rating (water and dust)
 Splashproof IP54
 IP67 - Available in waterproof, dustproof and intrinsically safe versions
Blocking ImmunityMore than 30db greater
Spurious Response ImmunityMore than 20dB greater
Adjacent Channel SelectivityMore than 10dB greater
Battery Replaceable AAA battery  Fully rechargeable Li-ion inductive
Alert Sound
 5dB louder
Message Memory128 64 character messages128 512 character messages
User Programmable NoYes - supplied with a full SDK for developing custom applications