How does the X5 pager handle repeat messages?

The X5 pager has a special feature to cater for repeat message reception. Some paging networks transmit each message multiple times within a set time period to ensure that the message is received by the recipient. The X5 employs a special technique to improve reception sensitivity and accuracy by using the redundant message information to improve the received message. However, the user does not want to end up with the same message multiple times in the message folder and have to acknowledge each repeated message. When the first occurrence of the message is received the pager alerts the user in the usual way. The X5 will treat repeated messages as copies as long as they have been sent within the Repeat Message Time-out interval. A repeat message received outside the Repeat Message Time-out interval will be treated as a new message, even if a copy of the message already exists on the pager. Repeat messages that have been received within the Repeat Message Time-out interval will be used to correct an already received copy if the original message was received with errors.
The Repeat Message Time-out interval should be set to a value of 75 seconds if three repeat messages are sent at 30 second intervals. The Repeat Message Time-out value can be set in increments of 15 seconds. A value of 0 will disable the Repeat Message reception feature. The X5 can keep up to 12 copies of a repeat message in its internal temporary message buffer to match existing messages to repeat message copies. If the internal buffer overflows, a message repeat will be treated as a new message.