How do I set the holster lock on?


From the Home screen select the green Menu button and choose the Holster Lock menu.

The Holster Lock menu controls the behaviour of the pager when it is in the holster. The pager automatically detects when it is placed in the supplied holster and can automatically deactivate all keys while it is in the holster. Navigate to 'Enable' and press RIGHT to turn Auto Holster lock on and deactivate all keys while in the Holster. To turn the Auto Holster Lock off and leave the keys active while the pager is in the holster, navigate to 'Disable' and press RIGHT. The default value is 'Enable'. When in Key Lock mode, the pager displays the logo screen (which covers the whole screen) to indicate that no user interface is available.

The pager is automatically released from Key Lock mode whenever there is an incoming message or alert of any kind
'Sound effects' controls whether the pager beeps as the pager is placed into or removed from the holster and the keys are locked or unlocked. The setting is ignored if Holster Key Lock is set to Disabled.