How do I change the alert type?


From the Home screen press the green Menu button and then select Alert Type.

Alert Type controls volume or vibration options when the pager issues an alert. There are 3 items that can be controlled: pager vibrate; level of the audible alert; and whether a reminder alert should sound.
Vibrate controls whether the pager vibrates with every alert. Toggle between vibrate ON and OFF by navigating to the item and pressing RIGHT. The default is ON.
To control the audible alert you can select one of the 4 options: Silent, Escalating, Soft, Loud. Navigate to the option you want and press RIGHT. Only one of the 4 options can be selected.
The escalating option causes the pager volume to increase while the alert is sounding. If the 'Vibrate' option is turned off and the 'Silent' audible setting is selected the pager will not issue any notification for any alerts. The loud option plays a single loud tone while the alert is sounding. The default setting is loud.
Reminder Beep controls whether the pager continues to issue an audible and/or vibrate notification until the alert is unacknowledged. An alert will last for the Duration specified or until the alert is acknowledged. If the alert remains unacknowledged the signal will be repeated every 2 minutes for the specified duration. If the Alert Duration is set to continuous then Beep Reminder has no effect.
The Alert settings apply for all types of alerts, including low battery alerts.