How I change the screen settings?


From the Home Screen press the green Menu button and then choose the Screen Settings option.

This option provides control on how the screen display operates. You can control the brightness of the screen with three options, Maximum (Bright), Normal and Minimum (Dim).
Screen time-out determines how long the pager screen is displayed before going blank. It has the following values: 30 secs, 45 secs, 60 secs, 75 secs and 90 Secs. The default setting is 30 seconds. The shorter the screen time-out setting, the less drain there is on the battery.
Holstering the pager has no effect on the screen time-out unless Holster Key Lock is ON, in which case the screen blanks 10 seconds after holstering.
Wall Charger controls how the pager operates when it is placed in the charger. If the charger is attached vertically to a wall the pager is upside down as it re-charges. If this option is selected then whenever the pager is being charged it inverts the display so that it appears the correct way up while in the charger. The 4 navigation buttons are also reversed so they operate correctly in this position. The Red and Green buttons are not reversed.
When the pager is removed from the charger the display and buttons automatically revert to their normal orientation.
The Wall Charger option toggles from on or off. To change it, navigate to the option and press the RIGHT button.