How do I switch profiles?


The X5 pager supports up to 16 individual user profiles. User profiles contain information about alert settings, display settings, certain network specific parameters and a list of capcodes that are active when the profile is selected. If the X5 is fitted with a synthesised receiver, it is possible to use the pager as multi-channel/multi-protocol receiver by specifying different network frequencies or baud rates in each profile.

The profile can be switched by the user manually from the system menu depending on the configuration of the pager firmware. Profiles are always switch-able by a specific OTA message

The display of the currently active profile can be suppressed by disabling the Show Profile feature in the feature settings.



To change the currently selected profile, activate the main menu from the home page by pressing the MENU button.


Select Profiles from the menu and press the right button, select the desired profile from the list of profiles shown.


The profile name and settings are determined at time of programming of the pager. To see the currently active settings, select the profile and go through the menu options and settings to see the currently active configuration of the selected profile.


These settings can be changed by the user but are not persistent. If the profile is switched all the settings will revert to the settings of the originally programmed profile.