How do I set an alarm?


From the Clock page press the green MENU button to show the clock pop-up menu, select the Set alarm... function and press the RIGHT button.



From the Set Alarm menu select Alarm time... and press the RIGHT button.


Using the RIGHT or LEFT button scroll between the hour, minutes and On or Off items. Change the selected item with the UP or DOWN buttons. Once the alarm time is set, make sure the alarm clock is turned on by setting the On/Off item to On. Press the green MENU button to accept the settings or the red CANCEL button to discard the settings.



If the alarm time is set to a value less than the current time, the alarm will occur the next day. The alarm will repeat every day until the Alarm is reset. The alarm will sound even if the pager is turned off.
Choosing Tone... from the Set Alarm menu allows to select assign a specific alert tune to the alarm clock.

The pager will automatically turn itself on at the specified time if an alarm time has been set and the pager is turned off.