How do I use the On Screen Keyboard?


The X5 incorporate a powerful On-Screen Keyboard to enter text into the pager. This keyboard is used to edit folder names, keywords, etc. The top line of the display shows the created word with a red cursor. Using the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons select the character to be entered, then press the green MENU/SELECT button to enter the desired character. The Shift key will toggle between upper and lower case characters. The keyboard will automatically revert back to lower case characters once an upper case character has been entered, unless the keyboard has been locked in the current shift state with the Lock button.
Select the Alt button to access special keys. The keyboard will change to display punctuation and special characters, for example with umlauts. (The set of characters will depend on the language version of the pager software).
Once the word had been completely entered, select the Enter key and confirm with the green MENU/SELECT button.