What are the elements on the home screen?


The Home Screen is divided into three sections, the status icon display and battery level indicator, the date and time display and the main menu with scrollbar and selector.


The status icons show the current state of the receiver status, alerting setup, alarm clock or charger status. The battery level shows the remaining capacity of the re-chargeable battery.
pocsagicon POCSAG/FLEX-Signal present indicator
soundicon Sound Alert enabled
vibratecicon Vibrating Alert enabled
alarmicon Alarm clock enabled
charger icon Pager is placed on charger

A battery icon with 6 discrete levels, ranging from almost empty to full, indicates the battery level. The pager alerts you when the battery drops to a level (<15%) where message reception is compromised, and prompts you to re-charge the battery. For optimum message reliability, re-charge the battery as soon as the low battery alert is received.

The date and time display shows the current date and time of the real-time clock of the pager. Its format can be changed to display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format in the Clock menu.

The home page navigation list consists of the following options (unless these have been programmed in a customized format using the Programming SDK):

  • Inbox (special message folder), Folders
  • Trash (special message folder),
  • Clock menu
  • About menu.

A list item is selected by using the UP and DOWN buttons of the pager. The selected item is activated by pressing the RIGHT button.