How do I set and use my PIN?


The X5 pager has a 4 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) lock security option. If this option is enabled, a 4 digit code must first be entered before the pager turns on and can be used. This prevents unauthorised persons from accessing messages on the X5 pager. To enter the 4 digit PIN use the directional keys to select the digit in between the blue arrow cursor and scroll through the digits 0...9 using the up or down keys. Use the left and right keys to select the digit to change. Once the correct PIN is "dialled in", press the MENU button to accept the PIN. If the PIN was entered correctly, the pager turns on. If the PIN was entered incorrectly, the pager will turn off and the PIN-Lock error count will be incremented.


If a PIN has been entered incorrectly for 10 times, the pager will permanently lock and can only be unlocked by reprogramming the pager using the programming software. A successful login will reset the PIN lock counter.
The PIN login process is omitted, if a PIN has not been set during programming the pager with the programming software. A PIN value of 0 will bypass the login process.