What do the buttons do on the front of the pager?


There are a total of six buttons on the X5 pager. The directional buttons are located at the bottom of the pager. The MENU / SELECT button is located to the left above the directional buttons and there is a raised green dot above the button. The CANCEL button is located to the right above the directional buttons and there is a raised red dot above the button.



The MENU button is used in any situation where more information is required on a selected object or an action is performed. For example, pressing the MENU button in the Inbox, Folder or Trash view shows a pop-up menu with specific menu items for the menu item that is currently selected. Pressing the MENU button whilst in the main menu view will make the System Menu pop-up appear. The green MENU button is also used to turn the pager on. Hold down the green MENU button for 3 seconds to turn the pager on.

The CANCEL button will abort the current function and will close an openpop-up menu without selecting the currently highlighted option. Itwill take you back to the main menu view if pressed repeatedly.

The directional buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT will navigate the menus. The UP or DOWN button will move the menu selector bar to the requested option, the RIGHT button will select the menu while the LEFT button will exit the selected menu or sub-menu. When a directional button is held down in one direction for more than one second, the button auto-repeats at a rate of approximately one press every ¼ second to enable quick scrolling through lists and options.