Infostream designs and manufactures state-of-the-art devices and systems to alert, dispatch and co-ordinate crucial personnel at critical times. Devices that volunteers and professionals can rely on, and systems that continue to perform even in extreme circumstances.

Infostream solutions encompass the breadth of this problem space - from small, localized systems designed for use in particular plants or buildings, through to state wide systems co-ordinating tens of thousands of volunteers or professionals.

Solutions designed to work in circumstances when the standard commercial networks fail or are inappropriate - during natural disasters such as bushfires, wild fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and hurricanes, during destructive incidents such as terrorist attacks or explosions, and in the presence of hazards or risks such as mines, hospitals, oil fields and gas plants.

Infostream products cover the entire chain of use in these solutions - from the central control systems that manage the communication network and messaging, through to the encoders, receivers and transmitters to deliver and receive the message stream, to the devices in the hands of personnel who interact with and respond to messages. Its devices range from highly sensitive paging receivers that operate on private dedicated paging networks, through to GSM based devices designed to inter-operate on commercial networks.

Infostream provides professional services in its field of specialty. These services include the OEM design and construction of specific wireless devices, the design of user interfaces in consumer & professional electronic devices, and the design & implementation of transmitters, base stations and network coverage strategies.